About GTA
Georgian Tourism Association is an organisation of Private Tourism Companies, Hotels and Wine companies in Georgia. The association was founded in 2006 to promote the
  • cooperation between the tourism companies in Georgia; 
  • cooperation between private and public sector;
  • capacity building and quality management for tourism services;
  • accessibility of tourism information and country marketing;
  • sustainable tourism development in Georgia;
  • regional tourism development. 
Georgian Tourism Association works on product development in incoming, domestic and outgoing tourism.
GTA supports the creation of local tourism associations and offers active partnership. The association stands for the improvement of tourism service quality and capacity building. GTA is committed to nature protection and sustainable tourism development in Georgia. Together with our partners we work for country marketing and improvements of tourism information.
GTA carries out projects to improve tourism development in Georgia in partnership with Georgian National Tourism Administration, Agency of Protected Areas, international Organisations (USAID, GIZ Private Sector Development project, GIZ regional communal development project, Eurasia Foundation, SDC, IUCN and etc.), local partners (i.e. Elkana, Geoland and etc.) and its member companies.
The following committees are represented in Georgian Tourism Association:
  • TAX and Juridical Committee
  • Incoming Tourism Development Committee
  • Spa, Wellness and Medical Tourism Development Committee
  • Outgoing Tourism Committee
  • Adventure Tourism Committee
  • Educational Tourism Committee
  • Wine Tourism Committee
  • MICE Tourism Committee
  • Hotels Committee
  • Standards Committee
  • Communication and Public Relations Committee
Every tourism organizations with legal business practices is invited become a member.

GTA is the member of:
  • UNWTO Knowledge Networking
  • GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council)
  • GCCI (Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • ICC (International Chamber of Commerce)
  • Tourism Advisory Board in Georgia
  • GTA is one of the founder of the Economic Policy Advocacy Coalition (EPAC)
  • ASEA  (The Center for Association Leadership)
  • UFTAA (Universal Federation of Travel Agent's Associations)
  • GTA is one of the founder of the Georgian Tourism Industry Alliance
  • Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum
Georgian Tourism Association was signed of UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism on 4 April 2017

Georgian Tourism Association is awarded "Cluster Management Excellence Label BRONZE - Striving for Cluster Excellence", by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA).

Why GTA?
Share Information, Lobbying & Private Public Dialogue, Capacity Building & Educational Trainings and Seminars, Advertisement for members, Participation to the Tourism Fairs, Participation to the Tourism Related Events in Georgia and Abroad. 

Benefit of Association membership, 12 reasons for becoming a member of the Association:
1. Daily communication and share information about sponsored and planned activities in tourism sector (conference, trainings, briefings, presentations, meetings, news).
2. Finding new local and international partners.
3. Possibility to participate in meetings with the government and private sector organized by the Association and its Partners.
4. Possibility of solving the problem through joint efforts.
5. The Association may be your voice on government or legislative tribunals.
6. The ability to participate in projects related to tourism which is financed by donors.
7. The possibility of using tourism information base.
8. The right to use discounts such king of services which offer the Association member and partner companies.
9. The right to participate in the internal motivation and entertainment activities of the Association.
10. Participation in various national and international conferences.
11. Possibility to share information about your company and offers through the Association's website and the Association's e-mail database.
12. Periodically inviting foreign consultants to use free services.

Our goal is to attract active, motivated members whose work will make the Association more successful and will promote tourism development in the country.

Think about what you can do for your country and for your association!

GTA Members