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Code of Ethics for members of the Georgian Tourism Association


General Provisions

We, the members of the Georgian Tourism Association, reaffirm our determination toward the Georgian or foreign partnership and our customers to act and conduct our entrepreneurial activities in accordance with the ethical norms recognized by the international community. Based on the above, we aim to promote the establishment of a business environment in Georgia in which ethical business action will be valued and will become the main basis for business decisions.

Increasing corporate and social responsibility, establishing new values ​​, and improving the internal organizational culture among its members will have a positive impact on the Association's activities, and business environment and improve the image of Georgian companies among partners.

The Code of Ethics is a guiding document for all members of the Association who want to present themselves to the Georgian public with a reputation for responsible corporate conduct.

Core values

The Code of Ethics is based on the following values:

  • Accountability - the ability to take responsibility for one's own actions
  • Conscientiousness - Cooperation with stakeholders
  • Justice - in all relationships
  • Honesty and unity - honesty, team unity, fulfillment of commitments
  • Transparency - openness, and sharing of information
  • Credibility - building a reputation for trust and reliability through your own actions.

These values ​​relate to business relationships and form the basis of all business relationships.

1. Business and Consumer

Members use the values ​​of the Code of Ethics in actions that affect the activities of the Association and society in general, provide for the rights of consumers, offer safe services, and operate within the law.

2. Business to business

In their relations with each other, member companies adhere to the values ​​of the Code of Ethics, adhere to the principles of fair competition, care for the confidentiality of the information and respect the supremacy of business relations.


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