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Standards and Criterias in Tourism
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Standards are a set of definitions and guidelines, related to an identified area, sector practice, item, etc;


Standards help to regulate process of correct development of the industry in the country.

Sustainability can be reached only in regulated markets.


Purposes of standards:

  • Ensure the reliability of materials, products, methods or service people use every day;
  • Establish commonality of processes and procedures;
  • Address a range of issue, including protocol that helps ensure product functionality and compatibility;
  • Support consumer safety and public health; 

Standards in tourism are important to establish consistent protocols that can be universally understood and adopted.

Criteria simplify product development and speeds time to the industry.

Makes it easier to understand and compares competing products;



  • Are globally adopted and applied in many markets, thus fueling international system.
  • Allows service or product connectivity and communication.
  • Verifies or dictates the credibility of new products and new markets.

Role of tourism standards in sustainable tourism must include social responsibility, cultural respect, and relevant management, pushing driving process;

Role of standardization is to maximize benefits, good elements and minimized harm.


Head of Standards Committee- Teona Nemsitsveridze (+995 577 710 734) 

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