Georgian Tourism Association (GTA) is an organization of private Tourism Companies, Hotels and Wine Companies in Georgia, the list represents all current GTA members. If you would like to join the GTA, please visit our Become a Member page.

College "Mermisi"
College "Black Sea"
College "Akhali Talgha"
College "Opizari"
College "Ikarosi"
Ilia Tsinamdzgvrishvili College
College Tetnuldi

CollegeTetnuldi is in the most beautiful part of Georgia - Svaneti and is an authorized vocational school that offers  III,IV,V  level and short-term educational programs. In accordance with the college bylaws and charter. The aim of the college is: to diversify priority programs and to provide access to vocational education in Mestia Municipality. Promoting a professional career, increasing competitiveness in the labor market, providing the region with qualified staff, Tetnuldi Vocational College is the only one in the highland border region and fulfills an important mission in terms of socio-economic development of Svaneti.

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