Ski Resorts of Georgia
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Gudauri is a mountain resort in Georgia located on a south-facing plateau of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, 120 km (75 mi) or about 2 hours drive from its capital, Tbilisi. Gudauri is the best ski resort in Georgia with well-developed infrastructure, the greatest difference in altitude, and unlimited possibilities for freeride. The season in Gudauri begins in early December and lasts till the end of April.
20 ski pistes with total length of 70 kilometers provide perfect skiing conditions for tourists. Slopes here are divided according to the following levels of difficulty - beginners, intermediate, advanced, expert. Gudauri is famous for its off-piste opportunities down the unspoiled virgin slopes. The deep powdery snow, lack of stones, and minimal risk of avalanches made Gudauri kind of Mecca of freeriding. The resort is also surrounded by large areas with off-piste slopes for these types of riding, as the backcountry and heli-ski. Ski slopes are equipped with artificial snow-making systems. Professionals can enjoy slalom slopes, giant slalom, super giant slalom and downhill slopes. 
Lifts run every day from 10 am to 4:30 pm, regardless of the number of skiers on the slopes and usually serve 11000 visitors per hour. The resort has various ski and rental services, and if you are only doing the first steps, you can always seek the services of professional instructors. Paragliding is the closest humans can get to the feeling of flying like a bird. It is a fun, safe way to experience flight in its simplest form. You simply lay out a wing on the mountains of Gudauri, inflate it over your head like a kite, run a few steps and before you know it you've stepped off into the sky.
Gudauri is the resort which has it all – tubing zone, night skiing opportunity, heli-ski and paragliding, ski tours and even a bike parks in summer. It is a growing resort, enchanting visitors with its wealth of opportunities for an active holiday in mountains.



The mountain resort. Bakuriani is situated on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range, 29 kilometers from Borjomi, only a three-hour drive from Tbilisi, at an elevation of 1,700 meters (5576 feet) above sea level in the sub-tropical zone. The snow blanket remains for 4-5 months but in the summer the aroma of the coniferous trees and other climatic factors create ideal conditions for rest and recreation. It is a paradise for ski lovers and an internationally important winter sports centre, which meets Olympic standards.  
Bakuriani is Georgia’s most popular winter sports and recreation destination. This resort has well-developed infrastructure for a vacation with family and children: while you improve your skills or taste the whole variety of culinary delicacies and famous Georgian wine, your children can enjoy the attention of professional skiing instructors or experienced nurses. Enjoy the downhill ski runs, cross-country trails, horseback tours, sledding or simply take long walks through beautiful snowy forests.
There are several main trails in Bakuriani, one of which is Kokhta (2,255 m high) is a 4 km ski run with difficult and medium difficulty slopes. Didveli (1861 m) has one on the most amazing trails. Didveli skiing area offers 8 ski pistes with total length of 16 kilometers. The tracks are equipped with artificial snow-making systems and targeted for all skiers. Slopes here are divided according to the following levels of difficulty - beginners, intermediate, advanced, expert. 3 ski lifts and 1 funicular are opened from 10 am to 5 pm and serve visitors. Night skiing is available from 17:00 pm untill 21:30 pm. Totally renovated resort Mitarbi (1500m) Mitarbi skiing area offers 11 ski tracks with the following types: intermediate, advances and expert. The total length of the tracks is 10 meters. Winter sport lovers are offered to try 3 new ski lifts, 9 km ski pistes suitable for intermediate, expert and advance skiers/snowboarders, joining ski piste for Kokhta and Mitarbi, modern infrastructure and new unforgettable experiences.
Bakuriani’s cross-country trails attract experts as well as beginners. If skating is your winter pastime, Bakuriani offers plenty of opportunities. 



Surrounded by mighty 5000 m peaks, Svaneti is one of Georgia’s most historic and unique areas and a real skiers’ dream. Until recently, Svaneti was best known for its superb house-towers, most of them dating back to the 12-13th centuries, which line the valleys and served as look-out posts against the threat of invasion. Those towers belong to UNESCO World Heritage List.
In Svaneti, there are two modern white resorts: Hatsvali and Tetnuldi. The first one started operating several years ago. Hatsvali offers 5 ski slopes of different levels. Ski lifts at the resort are built by two world's leading manufacturers of ropeways, cable cars and ski lifts - Leithner and Doppelmyer. The lowest lift station is located at an elevation of 1428 meters above sea level and the highest one on 2348 meters.
Skiers can enjoy one of the world’s most picturesque resorts. Freeride and ski tour lovers will also find best slopes and new challenges for themselves. If you are for extreme feelings, go ahead with freeriding, backcountry, and skitour. Currently, there are three runs: red (1900 m), blue (2600 m) and the trail for beginners (300 m). Basically, skiers of every level can enjoy one of the world’s most picturesque resorts. Freeride and ski tour lovers will also find good slopes and new challenges for themselves. As the resort grows and develops, it is also possible to find tailor-made ski-tours, one or two-day trips to take you to places never skied before.
The resort offers 5 ski lifts built by the world's leading manufacturer of cable-driven lift systems - Poma. 9 ski pistes with total length of 30 kilometers provide perfect skiing conditions for tourists. Tetnuldi ski pistes are targeted for all skiers. Slopes here are divided according to the following levels of difficulty - beginners, intermediate, advanced, expert. Winter activities are the following: skiing, free riding, heli-skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, horse riding and other. The most important feature that distinguishes Tetnuldi from other resorts is the type of the snow in the region and its natural beauty. The powder crystal snow is quite convenient for skiing and only found here in Svaneti.
Despite the fact that it is sunny most of the year, the snow does not lose its freshness and gives the snow-lovers the pleasure of skiing on a glistening ski track and skiing safely. Due to the fact that the ski pistes in Tetnuldi are surrounded by pine forests, they are protected against the wind and there is no risk of an avalanche on the ski pistes.



In December 2015 a new ski resort Goderdzi has been opened in the mountainous Ajara. First of all it is attractive to those, who want to combine a trip to the sea and skiing in the winter vacation.
Goderdzi ski resort is located in mountainous Adjara region, on the Goderdzi Pass, 252 kilometers away from Tbilisi and 109 kilometers away from the popular seaside resort Batumi. If you drive or ride a bus from Batumi, the central town of Ajara region, you reach Goderdzi in 2 hours. This all-season mountain resort is located at an elevation of 2 000 meters (6560 ft.). The resort is distinguished by the impressive nature, fresh air, spectacular landscapes and well equipped 4 ski pistes with total length of 8 kilometers. Slopes at the resort are targeted for all skiers. Snow remains from November till April. Goderdzi resort hosts visitors within the whole year.
The resort is not big yet. Two gondola lifts are operating there. The highest point is 2390 m above the sea level, the altitude difference is around 690 m. Goderdzi is good as for skiing and boarding at the prepared pistes, as well as for freeride. Goderdzi resort is the best choice. The resort covered with snow within 4-5 months constantly attracts the skiers. Goderdzi resort offers the comfort and the best ski tracks. Winters are usually snowy there, so you won’t have problems with finding fresh powder at the slopes. 
Goderdzi ski resort is the best venue for snowboarders and free-style skiers to reveal their abilities. Snowboarders can experience the advantages of the resort: bright sun, high mountain climate, outstanding, challenging tracks and the most importantly - the early commencement of the season. Goderdzi invites you for winter hiking, in order to relax, wonder and enjoy the snow covered landscapes.


So, whatever you would prefer for your winter holidays, can be found in Georgia
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