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Strategic Plan

Georgian Tourism Association

Strategic Plan

About GTA

Georgian Tourism Association (GTA) is an organization of Private Tourism Companies, Hotels and Wine Companies in Georgia. The association was founded in 2006, to promote the cooperation between the tourism companies in Georgia, cooperation between private and public sector, sustainable tourism development in Georgia, accessibility of tourism information and country marketing, capacity building and quality management for tourism services. GTA works on product development in incoming, domestic and outgoing tourism. The association stands for the improvement of tourism service quality and capacity building. Our mission is to help businesses operating in Georgia crate more benefit for themselves and the society based on joint cooperation. GTA is committed to nature protection and sustainable tourism development in Georgia.

Georgian Tourism Association (GTA) is membership –based, an independent, non-government, apolitical and non-profit organization; registered in Tbilisi (reg.number: 00856/12/0453) 


To enhance the partnership between private and public sectors and to improve the travel industry by supporting the quality travel Services for the sustainable Tourism Development in Georgia; to help members achieve this business objectives.


Developing the Sustainable Tourism throw the strong communication between private and public sectors; Increased interaction between members, public and local municipalities; Create new innovative tourism products; Creating team of professionals and conducting the PR activities; high level of awareness in social responsibilities; Develop platforms for the closer relations, cooperation and product offering for tourism companies. Future Vision of GTA: Tourism in Georgia has developed in harmony with people and its economic impact benefits all the society, GTA must to become the locomotive for the collaboration within tourism promoting and supporting its development to this effect. 

Key Strategy Goals

The following are the main strategy issues that GTA will focus on during five year, for each topic there are indicated and initial action points. GTA has identified key strategy priorities and subsequent actions to achieving the results for the development and supporting a sustainable tourism industry in Georgia.

  • Improved Membership Engagement


-GTA will support to increase the cooperation between the members;

-Increase support and sustainable development of the member companies;

-Continue creation of the new committees;

  • GTA Branding and Marketing


-GTA will aim to increase the awareness with the industry and offer new cooperation and business platforms;

-Association will support together with member companies joint international marketing and PR activities, to increase the awareness of the destination and association;

-Increase the participation to the International Travel fairs, exhibitions, Conference, forums;

  • Ambassadors Program 


-Create strong ambassadors group from the current member companies, for the association development;

-Promote GTAs mission, programs and the organization;

-Ambassadors will be listed officially on the GTA website and may use the name ,,GTA Ambassador” in official communications;

-Generate public interest in GTA and Represent GTA actively and positively;

  • Promoting Improvement in Service-Education


-Increase the qualification of members, through trainings and Seminars;

-Participation to the educational project and reform, announced by donors and Ministry of Education;

-International case studies, for the experience, sharing information, tourism trends, new developments in both Georgian and worldwide.

-Create training programs for members staff on industry facilities and services;


  • Effective Lobbying, Leadership, Advocacy, and Corporate Governance


-Provide a clear direction for the growth and development of private sector through strong leadership, advocacy and industry engagement;

-Develop a strong and mutually supportive relationship with governments and mediate actively between private and public sectors.

-Lobby to promote policy changes which will improve business environment for members


  • New Funding Sources


-Build financial capacity to meet the challenges and opportunities for a sustained future;

-Operate in a financial sustainable manner, in order to support the association, projects and programs;

-Increase the number of the Grant projects;

  • Initiatives, Research and Innovative Activities


-Develop partnership with research providers;

Ensure members are up-to-date and regularly informed of sustainable tourism concepts, funding, and other education or programs available to them;

-Organize meeting/conference/workshop with local and international experts, to share knowledge, international best practice;


Strategy Evaluation

This strategy is focusing on a 5 years period. During this time many things will change in the environment and many of the action points mentioned in this strategy will be succeeded. Therefore will the strategy be evaluated and updated regularly.


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