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Georgian Tourism Association (GTA) is an organization of private Tourism Companies, Hotels and Wine Companies in Georgia, the list represents all current GTA members. If you would like to join the GTA, please visit our Become a Member page.

Chateau Mukhrani
Château Mukhrani is based on the historical tradition of wine-making in Mukhrani region. This is the first and the only true Georgian Royal Chateau, which unites four key components: vineyards, winery, castle and history.
Corporation Kindzmarauli
Twins old Cellar
Wine Company Twines Wine Cellar in Napareuli was esablished by twin brothers Gia and Gela Gamtkitsulashvilis. Twins Wine Cellar is located in the Village Napareuli, Telavi municipality. Wine making in the company is based on Kakhetian method of wine production and follows family traditions of wine making. Twin brothers became acquainted with Qvevri wine-making from the very childhood and launched comemrcial wine-making in 1997.
KTW - Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking
The history of origin of the company "Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking" linked with the name of the winemaker Antimoz Chkaidze, who founded one of the best wine cellars of the time in the 80-ies of the XIX century in the Gurian village Askana, and originates from a unique variety of wine - "Chkhaveri." With this special wine variety the winemaker became very famous in Georgia, as well in other European countries.
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